Sizzling Hot Favorites Collection

by Juliana Conners, Eva Luxe, Sierra Sparks, & Cameron Collins

Four of our favorite books in one box set. These stories are so hot they'll set your ereader (or your panties!) on fire!

Your favorite Sizzling Hot Reads authors have chosen their favorite books for you to enjoy.

These are standalone erotic romance books that can each be read and understood on their own.

Together, they make for a fun few days of reading, as long as you have a fan nearby because it’s going to get HOT!

Juliana has selected her favorite Bradford Brothers book, Eva her favorite billionaire book, Sierra her favorite reverse harem, and Cameron his favorite gritty bad boy romance.

Each of us have included an explanation about why these books have touched our heart.

And all of us promise they’ll make you want to touch somewhere else while you read them!

This box set collection is packed with sizzling heat, and tons of heart! While the SHR authors pour tons of love into every book, this Favorites collection features those books that just have a little something extra special. They have no cheating, no cliffhangers and very happy ever afters. We hope these are your favorites, too! Love, Juliana, Eva, Sierra, & Cameron!

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Sizzling Hot Favorites Collection