Sold as a Fake Fiancee

by Juliana Conners

Fake marriage - real wedding night.

She needs money. I need a wife so my dad will let me keep all of his.
She’s auctioning herself to billionaires.
But she doesn’t know that this billionaire is bidding for a fake bride.
I might just take what she’s selling in addition to what I’m buying.
I’ll tie her up for real after she’s pretended to tie me down.
Then I’ll have my way with her, for her very first time, on our pretend wedding night.

It’s all perfect until I realize it’s not just my body that’s involved- my heart’s just become the highest bidder.

Sold to the Fake Fiancee is a standalone romance featuring a dominant alpha male billionaire and a feisty BBW. It contains no cheating, no cliffhanger and a HEA.

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Sold as a Fake Fiancee