Sold at the Christmas Party

by Juliana Conners, Sierra Sparks and Bruce Rodgers

Three guys and one girl are under a mistletoe.
All of them kissing each other…


I don’t plan to enjoy selling my virginity.
I just need tuition money.
So I sign up for a Christmas party for billionaires.
Where Santa will auction me off to the highest bidder.
It turns out that not just one guy buys me.
It’s three guys, and they swing both ways.
They don’t just want to pop my cherry.
They’re going to be f*cking each other at the same time.
I didn’t plan to be so into this.
But my Christmas is turning out to be merry and bright.

I’ve always had a crush on my co-worker, Brian.
But I thought he was straight. Not gay, or even bi, like I am.
Until another bisexual co-worker, John, admits a crush on him.
And Brian says he’ll do both of us if we help him buy a girl.
She’s auctioning off her virginity to pay for college.
Innocent and curvy, she’s everything I’ve ever wanted.
And so are my two male co-workers.
Together we can afford one night with Sarah.
And four times the Christmas joy.

This Christmas is going to be a dream come true.
But can we make it last for many Christmases to come?

Sold at the Christmas Party is a brand new (published December 17, 2019) standalone bisexual reverse harem romance novella featuring all the kinky naughtiness you’ve come to know and love in a Sierra/Juliana collaboration, and featuring male/male fun from Bruce Rodgers! This one is about three hot, rich alpha males pleasuring one curvy, feisty virgin, and each other, while she pleasures all of them too (swords definitely do cross in it!) It has a happy ever after, no cheating and no cliffhanger.

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Sold at the Christmas Party