Sold at the Easter Egg Hunt

by Sierra Sparks & Juliana Conners

Four billionaires want to share my first time for their Easter treat.

Dressed in a too tight bunny costume and surrounded by jerks,

my Easter morning working at a party can’t get any worse.

Until I get fired, my college roommate starts acting like a bitch and I have to walk home.

My day quickly changes when a billionaire picks me up in his limo.

He promises to make all my financial woes disappear, but there’s a big catch.

I have to spend the afternoon with him and his equally handsome brothers.

Jacob, Lincoln and Ryan love games, especially Easter egg hunts.

But this hunt is really a billionaire auction.

They’ll pay millions of dollars to take my first kiss, my first touch, and my virginity.

The eggs they’re finding have different tasks inside each one.

I’m not sure who I want to be my first- they’re all so sexy and built.

All I know is that I have more sweets in my basket than ever before.

I don’t want to have to choose, and maybe I won’t.

Will I be caught like a rabbit between three hunters?

Or will these competitive brothers want to share?


Sold at the Easter Egg Hunt is a standalone reverse harem novella featuring all the kinky naughtiness you’ve come to know and love in a Sierra/Juliana collaboration. It features three men pleasing one lucky lady – no swords cross! It has a happy ever after, no cheating and no cliffhanger.

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Sold at the Easter Egg Hunt