Sold at the Games

by Sierra Sparks and Juliana Conners

They want to take me for my very first time.  All three of them, at once.

I’m studying in South Korea when I get invited to watch the Olympics, live and in person.
There’s just one hitch- I’m invited by an exclusive billionaire club.
Athletes in this club can buy anything they want.
And three of them want to pay over a million dollars each, to share me.
I never thought I’d do anything like this.
But each one seems more handsome, talented and skilled than the other.
They all want to stay with me- and even put a baby in me!

I don’t know how I’ll ever pick which one I want to end up with for good.
But what if I don’t have to choose?

Sold at the Games is a standalone MMMF reverse harem romance novella. All of the action features three men pleasing one woman – no swords cross and it’s all about her. It is Juliana Conners’ steamiest book to date and also brings you a classic Sierra Sparks menage tale. It has no cheating, no cliffhangers and a very happy ever after for all the main characters together. Bonus content is included for your continued reading enjoyment!

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Sold at the Games