Sold at the Graduation Party

by Juliana Conners

My professor wants to celebrate my graduation with me. But he says there are still some lessons he needs to teach me.

It’s my last day of college and I won’t miss any of it.

Except for Professor Kennedy, who is smoking hot.

But he overhears me telling my best friend that!

And he invites me to a graduation party.

We soon find out it’s not just any party.

And he’s not just any professor.

Instead, he’s a member of an exclusive billionaire club.

They auction girls off for their virginity.

He wants to take mine.

And then he wants to own me.

First, he’ll get me ready by teasing me.

Then he’ll show me what an older, experienced man like him knows how to do.

But neither of us are expecting to get so attached.

Soon, he’s even talking about making sure we can do this again.

By putting his baby in me.

Will my professor teach me his ways and say goodbye as he planned?

Or, by tying me up, will he realize he has a lot to learn about love?

Sold at the Graduation Party is a standalone novelette in the Sold at the Auction series, which features a feisty virgin and a billionaire. It has no cliffhangers, no cheating, plenty of steam and a very happy ever after.

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Sold at the Graduation Party