Sold to the Gang on Valentine’s Day

by Sierra Sparks and Juliana Conners

My best guy friend and his friend want to share me as their Valentine's Day treat!

I’ve always had a crush on my best friend Austin.

When I lose my job and my car breaks down right before Valentine’s Day, he proposes a money-making endeavor.
I accept, thinking it’s some kind of waitressing gig.
Imagine my surprise when I find out it’s a billionaire auction!
And that Austin’s friend Rick is bidding over a million dollars for me.
Austin wanted this to be the night he claimed me as his own.
But he’s got some competition.
The thought of two Valentines wooing me sounds exciting.
They both want to f*ck me for my very first time.
And then they want to take me out on an expensive date to see which one of them I want to be with.
But what if I can’t choose?
The double-d*cking they give me is heaven, and I must have hitched a ride there on Cupid’s wings.

Am I flying too close to the sun, or could this blissful Valentine’s Day last forever?


Sold to the Gang on Valentine’s Day is a standalone menage novella featuring all the kinky naughtiness you’ve come to know and love in a Sierra/Juliana collaboration. It features two men pleasing one lucky lady – no swords cross! It has a happy ever after, no cheating and no cliffhanger.

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Sold to the Gang on Valentine’s Day