Stuffed by my Stepdad, Part Two: Taboo Age Gap Erotic Romance

by Marie Young

I know I should keep my hands off my stepdaughter.
But she’s begging me to touch her!

Amelia just turned 18 and she’s a virgin.
I wish I could be the man who changes that.
And apparently, so does she.
She’s being such a brat, tempting and teasing me.
I try to resist but I don’t think I can stand it.
So, I just might have to punish her.
And then we’ll see what happens from there.
Because I tell myself I could just walk away.
Yet I’m already thinking of putting a baby in her!

This little girl could get me into big trouble.
But taking her for her very first time might be worth it.
As long as I can manage to stay away from her after that…

This book is Part Two in the Stuffed by my Stepdad serial. Each part can be read and understood on its own but click here if you haven’t read Part One and want to get caught up.

Marie Young writes older man/younger woman age gap erotic romance books so full of taboo steam that you can’t find them anywhere else except on Sizzling Hot Reads because they’re too HOT for Amazon or other platforms.

Content warning: This serial contains scenes of r*pe fantasy/dubcon, BDSM/discipline, rough/degrading s*x, breeding and PI/taboo content that some readers might find objectionable… but others will find delectable!

Published on May 17, 2023 for $2.99.

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Stuffed by my Stepdad, Part Two: Taboo Age Gap Erotic Romance