Out of Bounds

by Juliana Conners

She's untouchable. But I'll touch what I want.

I’ve messed up a lot, but I’m the star quarterback everyone loves.
Women fall at my feet and the rules don’t apply to me.
Or at least that’s how it was, before I got myself into trouble and onto probation.
Now I have to stay in my new coach’s good graces or lose my football career for good.
The only problem? He has a hot daughter he forbids us from dating.
I want her and I know the feeling is mutual.
She’s shaking her hips at me, taunting and teasing me.
Her short cheerleading skirt tempts me to risk it all for her.
Except for my heart- I don’t give that up to anyone.
But I’ve never been good at following the rules- not even my own.
Now I’ve got to make a bold, dirty play.

Because when I want something, I take it.

Out of Bounds is a standalone full length steamy romance novel with no cheating, no cliffhanger and a HEA.

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Out of Bounds