Thankful To Be Sold Box Set

by Sierra Sparks and Juliana Conners

Talk about stuffed!

I can’t believe I sold my virginity.
Let alone to four men at once.
Or that they say they love me!
At first I was worried we couldn’t last.
But now I’m thankful for all of them.
They want to fill all my holes this Thanksgiving.
First, they’ll get me ready with gravy and whipped cream.
They’ll feast on my body, all pleasuring me together.
Then they’ll give me dessert: multiple cream pies.
Plus a super sweet treat drizzling down my throat.
All four of their c*cks will be inside me at once.
Two beneath me, one behind me.
And the last one will be in my mouth.
The cherry on top is what they say next:
That they have a Thanksgiving surprise for me.

Can I handle being stuffed to the brim by my four men?
And what other Thanksgiving gift will they give me?

Thankful to be Sold is a box set of the following three books in the Sold to the Gang series: Sold at the Games, Sold on Oktoberfest and Sold to the Gang. It also has an exclusive Thanksgiving-themed bonus story called Thankful to be Sold, which has never before been published and which is a follow-up to Sold to the Gang, featuring the same characters.

These reverse harem novellas contain no cheating, no cliffhangers and a very happily ever after for all involved. They involve multiple men pleasing one lucky lady – no swords cross!

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Thankful To Be Sold Box Set