Triple Pass

by Sierra Sparks

When the O'Connors put their minds to something, they go all the way...

It’s time for finals but I’m learning something that’s not on the test.
I’m a nerdy, curvy math major at Highwater College with no time for dating.
Now the Dean wants me to tutor our college’s star football players.
The O’Connor triplets are handsome, popular frat boys who love to party.
If I can’t convince them to study and pass their finals, we all will lose.
I quickly find the way to keep their attention.
They all want me, and I want each of them.
Can I choose between these popular brothers?
I might not have to.

Can this bookworm handle three football players at once, for good?
Or will they go back to their partying ways? 

Triple Pass is a standalone reverse harem romance that has no cheating and no cliffhangers, and a very happy ever after! It’s all about three guys pleasing one girl… no swords cross.

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Triple Pass