by Eva Luxe and Cyndi Cox

I know my boss wants me as much as I want him. So why won’t he open up and let me in?

I can’t get enough of my hot boss, Michael.
He’s old enough to be my dad.
And he has secrets no one around the office knows.
Not even me, and we work together constantly.
We’ve helped expand Reed & Co.’s client base.
And it involves being in close quarters together.
But I swear he wants me as more than his assistant.
Especially when he invites me to his house,
to work overtime on a mysterious project.
Soon, he’s telling me inside information about it.
It’s Father’s Day themed and we’re running out of time.
Because he’s busy filling me up with his big c*ck.
And taking me for a ride on it for my very first time.
But just as I start to find out what he might be hiding,
he pulls away, choosing to remain aloof.
Then we’re back at his huge mansion,
and he’s making me moan his name as I cum.
He says he wants me in his life,
yet he leaves me out of important details about it.
As the big day approaches and we work on the client’s ad,
he seems more distant than he ever was before.
Without him revealing his truth, we can never be together.

Is Father’s Day when he’ll tell me about his dark past,
so that we can have a happy future- and family- together?

Published on June 13, 2021, Truthful is a single dad forbidden office romance featuring an older billionaire and his younger, virgin, curvy assistant. It has no cliffhanger and no cheating, but it does have a happily ever after and a lot of steam.

It is loosely connected to the Full series, which all feature employees of Reed & Co. advertising firm, but it’s a standalone that can be read and understood completely on its own. Heat up your summer— and warm your heart—with this scorching Father’s Day themed book!

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