Unwrapped… By My Three Bosses

by Cammie Collins

‘Tis the season to be…
undressed by all three of my bosses!

I’m brand new at my job, writing about sex for a magazine.
The ironic thing is that I’m a virgin.
I’d like to change that but it’s hard to find the right guy.
Sure, the three higher-up bosses at my company are hot.
But they’re older, more successful and busier than me.
So, I haven’t gotten to interact with them much.
Until I attend the office Christmas party.
In a holiday costume I was told to wear.
I’m nervous so I have a little too much to drink.
And when I say a little, I mean enough to make me trip.
Right into a box outside the CEO’s office.
It has wrapping paper around it, to make it look like a gift.
And now the CEO wants to unwrap it… and me.
He also wants to be sure I know my stuff.
He says I can’t be a sex writer without practice or research.
So, it’s time to put my knowledge or skills to the test.
With him and the President and VP of the company.
It seems I get to spend time with the three higher-ups after all.
And my costume makes it easy for them to get up close and personal.

Letting them all take my virginity will be a holiday treat for me too.
But will my Christmas cheer turn to tears if they also steal my heart?

Unwrapped… by my Three Bosses is a holiday MFMM reverse harem erotic romance novella by Cammie Collins that’s heavy on steam. It has no cheating and no cliffhanger although it’s part of a larger series with a happy-for-now ending that will result in a happily-ever-after by the end of the series.

It has no male/male action and no swords cross… just three hot rich older men pleasuring one lucky curvy virgin!

Content warning – This book is TOO HOT for Amazon or other platforms and has dubcon and rough s*x.

Published on December 13, 2022, it’s currently exclusive to Sizzling Hot Reads and jam-packed with four-way holiday steam… for only $2.99!

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Unwrapped… By My Three Bosses