Vanished Valentine

by Juliana Conners & Cameron Collins

Is it crazy to still be in love with your high school crush, especially one who vanished on Valentine’s Day?

He was the tall, quiet, sexy boy in school, and I was the popular girl.
Every look he gave me told me that there was something between us, a connection that wouldn’t ever go away.
After one kiss, though, he was gone. Vanished without a word.
But I couldn’t ever let him out of my mind.
Six years later, he’s back and he knows I’m still his.
He tells me to run away with him to Paris.
It’s the Valentine’s Day I always dreamed about.
With the sexiest man I have ever known.
All I want him to do is to pick up where we left off last time.
And boy, does he ever.
He knows how to make me cum until I’m seeing pink hearts swirling all around.
Everything seems perfect between us, except for his past.
He won’t tell me where he’s been.
But nothing he keeps hidden stays that way.

Can we survive the consequences of what he’s done?
Will this Valentine’s Day end up haunting me as much as the last one that we spent together?
Or can we finally turn this day of love into one that lasts forever?

Vanished Valentine is a full-length standalone novel with no cliffhangers, no cheating and a happy ever after. Juliana Conners has teamed up with new author Cameron Collins to blend her steamy spicy style with his gritty, dark bad boy ways!

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Vanished Valentine