We Three Shifter Kings
We Three Shifter Kings

We Three Shifter Kings (Bethel Forest Series Collection)

by Casey Morgan

Fantasy/Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance Collection of Three Books and A New Story!

These three hot wolf shifters are kings of the forest.
But they need my help to save it from an evil witch.
And their wise plan involves sharing me.
For my very first time.

I have an aunt I’ve never met.
She lives in a mysterious place called Bethel Forest.
And she’s been writing to me my whole life.
Now I get a letter summoning me to the woods.
I’ve never been there or anywhere cool.
I’ve just been in college, escaping my strict father.
And navigating the annoying dating scene.
I’ve never even lost my virginity.
And it isn’t for lack of trying.
But my campus is full of lame or jerky guys.
So, I don’t mind an excuse to get out of here!
The letter says to come save my baby cousin.
And I figure I’m ready for an adventure.
But I have no idea where I’m going or why.
Luckily I meet three sexy shifters in the forest.
They’re guiding me under the North Star.
But we keep getting sidetracked.
Sometimes they’re fighting off other packs.
And other times they’re fighting with each other.
Because they all want to take my virginity!
Then I notice that every time they kiss me,
it starts breaking the witch’s evil spell.
And it gives me strength… of the supernatural variety!
So, they devise a way to enhance my witch powers.
Which I’ve only just discovered I possess.
To save the forest by Christmas,
we’ll need to combine forces in every way possible.
And we’ll especially need the magical power of…
coming together… for the holidays.

Can we find my cousin and break the witch’s spell?
And will I lose my heart or find love along the way?

We Three Shifter Kings is a complete collection containing three previously published books in the Bethel Forest Shifters reverse harem fantasy/paranormal romance serial: An Alpha in a Pear Tree, Two Rival Wolves and Three Handsome Shifters.

And it features a brand new story called Three Wise Wolf Shifters that serves as an epilogue wrapping up the first three books, which is sure to heat up your holiday season with an extra HOT Christmas s*x scene!

Published to Sizzling Hot Reads on December 28, 2022, this Three Wise Shifter Kings Collection of three books and a bonus story has no cheating and tons of steam so grab it now and enjoy!

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We Three Shifter Kings (Bethel Forest Series Collection)