Wet Honeymoon

by Eva Luxe

There’s a tropical storm in Bali. While my husband and I are having sex on the beach. I think it’s the worst thing that could happen on our honeymoon. But it turns out I’m way wrong.

I did what I wasn’t supposed to do.
Slept with my older, super rich boss.
But it actually turned out well.
We’re still together and still having lots of sex.
And his big c*ck still feels amazing.
We’re even married now. With a baby on the way.
And finally able to take our big honeymoon, five months later.
We’ve been working on an international merger of his company.
It’s all set up to go through, so we could finally get away.
And have lots of uninterrupted time to shop, sight-see and f*ck.
Or at least that’s what I thought the plan was.
But while we’re gone, we find out we’re not out of the woods.
Some bad news is being spread about my new husband.
It threatens the deal and the company itself.

Will our honeymoon, our business and our marriage be ruined by vicious rumors?
Or can we work together to save what we’ve built?

Wet Honeymoon is a follow up book in Eva Luxe’s Wet series featuring Reo and Nicole Black and their Black Springs office/island romance. Just in time for the middle of the sweltering summer heat, this 12,000 word steamy romance novella can be understood on its own but is best read after Wet with Him and Wet Wedding.

Wet Honeymoon has no cheating and no cliffhanger, but it does have a lot of sizzling hot heat and a very happy ever after.

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Wet Honeymoon