Won at the Blackjack Table

by Cameron Collins

Her voice alone can make me cum. But feeling her perfect body sends me over the edge.

After the hottest phone call of my life,
I never expected to see her in person.

And working for a man I despise.

She asks me if I want a Latin lover.

But I already knew the answer as soon as I laid eyes on her.
I’ll do whatever it fucking takes to make her mine.

Even though it’s a dangerous game.

From the moment I sink my c*ck into Marianna and taste her honey,

I can’t give her up.

It folds me into a dangerous game,
in which her life and that of her young son is at stake.

I know I can win her from the man who holds both lives in his hands.

But will he accept the rules of the game?

And do I have enough cards in my own hand to save her?  


Won at the Blackjack Table is a single mom dark romance novella of over 21,000 words. It is the second in the Won in Vegas series, which are standalone books that can be read alone or also enjoyed as part of a loosely connected series.

This book has no cliffhanger, no cheating and a very happy ever after. It does have a some dark and possible trigger warnings (such as sexual abuse in Chapter 15) in the gritty bad boy style of Cameron Collins.

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Won at the Blackjack Table