An Alpha In A Pear Tree

I’ve never had a life and sadly I still have my v-card.
Then I find out that giving it up can help me gain magical powers.
This Christmas, things will get a lot more interesting for me!
Not to mention steamy AF!

I’ve been sheltered and bored my whole life.
My mom died when I was young, and my dad is over-protective.
The only exciting thing are letters I get in the mail from my aunt.
She lives in the woods, far away, and writes to me.
One day I get a card sent from Bethel Forest… but not from her.
From someone who claims the forest needs my help.
It says I have a baby cousin who was born there in trouble.
And that rescuing the baby could somehow rescue everyone.
But we have to find and take the baby by Christmas.
Saving a forest sounds a lot more appealing than my normal life.
All I’m doing in college is almost losing my virginity to a jerk.
So, I gladly leave and embark on this adventure.
The stranger who wrote to me is named Melchior.
And I just hope he keeps his promise to show me the way.
When I get there, I can’t help but notice he’s out-of-this-world hot!
Soon he wants to guide me in more ways than just through the forest.
And I want to let him!
I’m glad I didn’t give up my first time to that asshole from school.
Yet I start to whether wonder this attractive man is even human.
Not just because what he does to my body is extraordinarily divine.
But also because I think he has answers.
About my past and why it was so isolated.
And maybe he has a key to my future.
But first things first.
He has to help me rescue the baby for any of us to be able to survive.
And apparently, that’s going to take some magic,
which apparently I’m capable of making,
but only when joined with shifters… in the Biblical sense.

Can Melchior and I unlock the spells we need to save the forest?
And will he help me figure out my connection to it…
as well as who I really am?

Or will it take us bonding with more hot shifters to do the trick?

An Alpha in a Pear Tree is the first book in the Bethel Forest Shifters reverse harem paranormal fantasy romance series featuring a handsome alpha wolf shifter and a curvy, sassy virgin.

The first book only focuses on Melchior and Marilyn but more sexy shifters will be added as the series continues, and they will all enjoy pleasuring Marilyn together without any action between them (no swords cross).

This book has a high heat level of steam mixed with a paranormal fantasy/suspense plot line and a happily for now ending; the entire series will have a happily ever after for Marilyn and all the hot wolf shifters in her harem.