Baby Blue

There are lots of reasons I’m not supposed to be with Kayla. But there’s one little reason I need to be.

We grew up together; then her father died.
She wants to honor his legacy by becoming a cop like he was.
I’m an instructor at the Policy Academy.
And I’m not supposed to get with the recruits.
But all I can think about is that time way back when.
She caught me in the act of fantasizing, and I was thinking of her.
Now she says she always used to do the same thing.
I can’t help but fulfill our dirty dreams for real.
But she says we need to call it off-
To protect my job and the reputation of her father.
There’s just one small problem.

Even though our love is forbidden, she’s having my baby.
Screw the rules.
I’ll do what it takes to be with both of them.