Big Shot

I’ve always thought my arrogant, sexy boss has such a big head.

But then I find out he’s got a giant c*ck to match.

My boss Jayden thinks he can change my managerial style.

But I’m too stubborn to let him do that.

At first, we spend a lot of time fighting each other.

But then we start fighting together, to keep his company open.

Soon, we become allies in the office and between the sheets.

I know I shouldn’t be sleeping with my boss but the sex is so hot I can’t help it.

Plus, it starts to look like the branch might be folding anyway, despite our best efforts.

I wonder if it’s just all the make up sex and drama keeping us together.

Or if we have something that will last no matter what happens at work.

Will difficulty pull us apart or make us stronger?

And can we both take charge of finding our happily ever after?

Big Shot is the third book in the Taking Charge series. It’s not necessary to read the other two books in the series but it’s recommended. Click here to read Big Dick (book 1) and Big Head (book 2), which also follow feisty Mia and her alpha male boss Jayden in their enemies to lovers office romance. It has no cheating, no cliffhanger and plenty of steam.