Bradford Brothers Complete Series Box Set

I’m used to falling into enemy territory, not into love.

I’m not even supposed to be with her.
But nothing stops me from doing what I want.
I’ll take her over my knee, but she’ll never get me under an altar.
Love is for suckers and I don’t do commitment.
Get in, get out, move on without a trace.
That’s been my job as a SEAL as well as my motto with women.
Until I meet her.

I know I’ll take her curvy body for her very first time.
But what if I end up giving her my heart?

Here in one box set are all three full length sizzling hot romance novels about the bad boy Bradford Brothers who serve in the SEALs together, and the curvy, feisty ladies who claim their rock hard, tattooed bodies… and their hearts. It has no cheating, no cliffhangers, a happy ever after and plenty of steam. It also contains an exclusive and recently expanded bonus novella, Brothers United, which features all three brothers and their love interests. Enjoy!