I’ll heal him, body and soul.

My new patient, Brad, is an injured veteran.
My work as a physical therapist can heal his body.
It’s clear from his cocky attitude and foul mouth, though-
His emotional wounds run even deeper.
This ex SEAL fought valiantly for our country.
But now he’s home and fighting an even bigger battle:
To live as his true, authentic self.
And I’m facing a dilemma of my own.
I shouldn’t hook up with my patient.
Even if the chemistry between us is off the charts hot.
I can make him feel good physically, in more ways than one.
But is he ready to come out- to the world, or even to himself?
And do I have what it takes to fill the deep hole in his psyche?

Will he open up his heart to me,
so I can show him the man he was meant to be?

* Broken is a full length standalone male/ male romance novel that contains no cheating, no cliffhangers, a very HEA, and plenty of steam. It’s part of the Bradford Brothers series, which are standalone but connected books about SEAL brothers and their friends.

This book is about Lance, Whitney Bradford’s friend and co-worker. Some of Juliana’s readers asked for Lance’s story, so she teamed up with male/male writer Bruce Rodgers to bring it to you.

Each book in the Bradford Brothers series can be read and understood on its own, but in case you want to catch up, all prior books in the Bradford Brothers series are included as bonus books for your continued reading pleasure. Enjoy!