Caveman’s Captive

Now that I found her, I’m going to hold on to her. Tight.

Since returning from war, I’ve purposefully secluded myself from reality.
I built a cabin in the woods, but even that wasn’t reclusive enough for my needs.
So I also have a cave I go to when I really want to hide out.
I’ve never taken anyone else there. Until, by chance, I meet Michelle.
Her sultry eyes and seductive hips open up something in me I thought was forever closed off.
When we get trapped in the cave, it’s the opportunity I never knew I needed so desperately.
To tie her up. Dominate her. Control her.
And find myself again in the process.
She says she’s game.
But does she have any idea what she’s getting herself into?

And while my c*ck is in her, what if my heart is plunging just as deep?