Claimed by My Three Bosses

They say they want the world to see that I’m theirs.
But have some people seen a little too much?

My three bosses and I got a little carried away.
They had already taken my virginity in private.
But then they claimed me in public,
for all our colleagues to see.
Someone has ratted us out to HR.
Now all our jobs are on the line.
And the way they react will make us or break us.

I know they love sharing my body.
But do I have their hearts?

Claimed…by my Three Bosses is an MFMM reverse harem erotic romance by Cammie Collins that’s heavy on steam. It has no cheating and no major cliffhanger although it’s part of the larger My Three Bosses serial with a happy-for-now ending that will result in a happily-ever-after by the end of the serial. This installment completes the foursome’s story, so technically the serial is now finished, although there will be a follow-up story showing them further in the future.

Content warning – This book is TOO HOT for Amazon or other platforms and contains dubcon and public/rough/degrading/dubcon sex scenes between multiple rich, hot men and one curvy woman (no male/male action or swords crossing) that some readers might find objectionable… and others might find delectable!

It’s the eighth book in the series, with Unwrapped… by my Three Bosses being the first, Shared… by my Three Bosses being the second, Punished… by my Three Bosses being the third, Disciplined… by my Three Bosses being the fourth, Opened… by my Three Bosses being the fifth, Chosen… by my Three Bosses being the sixth and Untied… by my Three Bosses being the seventh.

It’s not necessary to read the first seven books to enjoy this one, but it’s best to read them altogether consecutively to multiply your reading pleasure.