Dragon Boss’s Mate

My new assistant is great at her current position.
But I’ve got more of them I’d like to see her in…

As a centuries-old dragon shifter,
I should be used to change by now.
Especially in the business world,
since I’m the successful CEO of SkySerpent Enterprises.
But I don’t like shifts in my routine,
so I’m not thrilled about having to break in a new assistant.
At least until my current right-hand woman introduces her replacement.
Curvy, gorgeous Alicia is far too young and innocent for the likes of me.
But telling that to my raging inner dragon is another story.
There’s a blazing inferno deep inside me that only she can calm.
And I know without a doubt that she’s destined to be mine.
What I don’t know is how to bring a human into my world.
It doesn’t help that my younger sister’s best friend is complicating things.
She’s been chasing me for years,
and doesn’t seem to understand the word “no.”
Dragons can be ruthless—especially a jealous, rejected female.
But I’ll stop at nothing to keep Alicia safe.
And claim her body and heart as mine forever.
Because I know she’s my fated mate.

Maybe having a new assistant will be more fun than I thought…
as long as it doesn’t turn into too much danger!