Drenched with My Fake Fianceé

We aren’t supposed to be doing this.
And now we’ve been exposed.

I came to Hawaii to work for my billionaire boss.
He liked me so much he made me his pet.
I love doing whatever he wants.
It’s fun when he grabs my @ss.
And puts his c#ck down my throat.
The forbidden nature of our relationship is fun too.
But now someone wants to make it public.
We have to think fast to protect the company.

Let’s just pretend we’re engaged.
But what if we want it to be for real?

Drenched with My Fake Fiancee is a Stranded on an Island with My Billionaire Boss novella that follows Crispin and the taboo office romance he’s having with his assistant and pet, Rachel. It’s a spin off of the Wet series. You don’t have to have read any of the other books to understand this one but if you want to read Island Virgin, it will catch you up on what happened in the past with Crispin and Rachel. The other books in the series follow co-owner Reo and his girlfriend Nicole, and Crispin makes appearances: Wet with Him, Wet Wedding, Wet Honeymoon, and Island Baby!