Eight in the Sand



Seven must be my lucky number.
That’s how many surfers want to be with me at once.

I came to California on a business trip for work.
But I found pleasure instead.
In the strong arms of seven sexy men.
They want to teach me how to surf.
And a lot of other things, too.
Like how to let them share and pleasure me.
While they share and pleasure each other, too.
But now our hearts have gotten involved.
Instead of only our bodies.
I’m supposed to be heading home.
But I want to keep being with them.
Even though it causes real problems for my career.
I’ll have to change my whole life to be with them.
And to let them keep riding me like the waves.

Can our group of eight weather any obstacles?
So that our love can survive any storms?

Eight in the Sand is a bisexual reverse harem romance with male/male action, as seven rich, handsome men pleasure each other AND one lucky, curvy lady. It’s a steamy novelette that is part of the In the Sand series. It has a happily ever after ending with a lot of heat and no cliffhanger and no cheating.

You don’t have to have read the prior books in the series to understand this one, but if you want to catch up, check out Three in the SandFour in the SandFive in the Sand, Six in the Sand and Seven in the Sand.

NOTE: This book features very explicit erotic content, including rough public sex with multiple partners (including men together, and the men sharing one woman altogether), who are all in love.

Published on August 23, 2020, this book is only $2.99 and packed with hot summer sword-crossing steam!