Falling For My 2 Bosses

This Thanksgiving Eve, my two billionaire bosses want to stuff me double full.

I’m having an awful day and I need to get to work and then home to cook Thanksgiving dinner. But a big Maine snowstorm is slowing me down. As are the antics of my young son and narcissistic mother, both of whom seem to be on about the same age level.

But as a single mom, all I can think about getting to work on time despite the bad weather and my stressful family situation. After all, I have bills to pay. So, imagine my surprise when I finally show up to a near empty office and find out that my two billionaire bosses want to play.

They have what it takes to make me feel warm, comfortable and full of both of their c*cks at once. I’m grateful for all the attention they’re paying me, and the fact that they want to share me and pleasure me, both at the same time.

But when the storm and the fun and games are over, will I still have my job?
And will we all be as thankful for each other’s bodies once our hearts start getting involved?

Falling for My 2 Bosses is a steamy Thanksgiving/fall-themed MFM menage romance novella, in which two billionaire bosses focus on pleasing one curvy, feisty single mom… no swords cross in this one. It is a completely safe romance with no hint of cheating, no cliffhangers, a very happily ever after for all involved, and plenty of high heat!