Finding My Alpha

I shouldn’t be with him, but I can’t resist.

After losing my husband in a werewolf pack dispute,

I never thought I would find love again.

I really never thought I would find it in the arms of the rival alpha.

Ethan is hot and demanding, just as an alpha should be.

He and his pack are working at my family’s cabin,
to make amends to our pack for past wrongs.

Part of me can’t stand him.
He’s so cocky and flirtatious,

when he knows we can’t be together.
But he seems to be the only one who can break through my shell.

I need his hands on my body to feel alive.
I want him all over me and inside me.

But our love would get us in big trouble, since we’re from rival packs.

And when a man from my work starts to come between us,

our love/hate relationship really gets put to the test.

Will hate, societal norms and conflicts from our past tear us apart?

Or will I find lasting love in the arms of my former enemy?


Finding My Alpha is an enemies to lovers, forbidden love paranormal romance by Sizzling Hot Reads author Skylar Mason. It has no cliffhanger and no cheating, but it does have a happy ever after and plenty of steam!

It’s a complete story that can be read and understood on its own as a standalone. But you’ll enjoy it even more if you’ve read Loved by the Alpha and Protected by the Wolf Pack, because characters from those books make re-appearances in this book so you can keep up with them. (This is the story of Rachel, who is Kalen’s sister). Enjoy!