Four Billionaires For St. Patrick’s Day

Four Irish billionaires want to pluck my clover at once.

I work hard at the Irish pub I own, which has been in my family for decades.
Business has been slow lately so I’m doing whatever I can to keep the doors open.
I don’t have time to go on dates or swipe right on Tinder.
St. Patrick’s Day is coming up and I’m managing the bar on my own since I can’t afford help.
So when four strong, handsome billionaires walk into my dive bar, I think they must be lost.
They’re supposed to be on the swanky side of town- they must be slumming it.
But they seem to be very happy to have stumbled in and found me.
They stay late and play jukebox music- they each want a turn at dancing with me.
And at doing other things to me.
I can’t decide which one of them I like better. And it turns out I don’t have to.
They have a proposition- be with all of them, at the same time, and they’ll save my bar.
Four handsome man giving me all the attention and pleasure I could desire?
Sign me up for the hottest St. Paddy’s Day ever!

But what if they want it to last all year long?

Four Billionaires for St. Patrick’s Day is a full length standalone reverse harem novel that has no cheating and no cliffhangers, and a very happy ever after, all together.