Four Firemen for the Fourth of July

They put out the fire in my house but started a fire inside me.
It’s almost the Fourth of July, and I just opened my veterinarian clinic,
But an errant firework catches the clinic and my house on fire,
And my dreams burn to the ground.

Four hot firemen come to my rescue,
And they’re even hotter than the fires they put out.

They save me and my animals, pulling us from the flames.

Now I have nowhere to go,
The firemen ask me to stay with them and offer to help me rebuild
With a Fourth of July Bar-B-Q fundraiser.

The only way I can repay them is with my body,
But my virgin body has never felt those fireworks before.

But how can I love four brothers at once? And will they accept my feelings?
Is the love that burns inside me enough to set off the fireworks of their hearts?

Four Firemen for the Forth of July is a standalone MFMMM reverse harem romance with no cheating, no cliffhangers and a very happy ending for all involved. It includes multiple men pleasing one lucky lady-no swords cross! This super hot read is sure to heat up your Kindle.