Full of Desire

I only wanted to play with her.
But it’s turned into a game of love,
and I think she might steal my heart.

My new assistant, Victoria, is off the charts hot.
And soon I can’t stop flirting with her.
I want my hands all over those curves of hers.
But I have to keep them to myself as her boss.
Until I decide to become her new mentor.
There’s an upcoming retreat,
so I assign Victoria as my training partner.
Now we’ll have a reason to be alone together.
And I plan to give her a lot of lessons.
Including in areas other than work.
I figure it’ll be a fun fling at a faraway locale.
Little do I know how serious it will turn.
Now I’ll find out what price I’m willing to pay
to keep her in my life for good.

Will I risk everything to make her happy?
And how do I know she feels the same?


Published on July 18, 2021, Full of Desire contains three books in the Full series by Eva Luxe and Cindy Fox: Truthful, Playful and Prideful.

Each book is a standalone connected via friendships and shared setting of the Reed & Co. advertising/PR firm and they follow three curvy virgins who work at the firm and find heat and love with their older, billionaire bosses.

The books have no cheating, no cliffhangers, a very happily ever after and plenty of sizzling hot steam.

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