Getting Wet Box Set

Honolulu is relaxed, laid-back…and home to the richest, sexiest man I’ve ever seen.Who just happens to be my new boss!

I moved from the mainland to Hawaii for a job promotion.It’s challenging but I was happy to leave my old life behind.Now I’m working for Reo Black, owner of Black Springs company.He’s cocky, arrogant, and hot as hell.He also seems bent on bending ME over his desk.I know I shouldn’t do it.It could only cause problems at the office.But this alpha male is used to getting what he wants.And it’s tempting to let him pound me like the waves on the shore.

If I give into him, will I be trapped here due to my lust-filled decision?Or is this player serious about settling down with me for good?

Getting Wet is a box set that contains the entire interconnected series featuring Nicole and Reo Black: (1) Wet with Him; (2) Wet Wedding; (3) Wet Honeymoon; and (4) the bonus novelette, Island Baby. It doesn’t contain cliffhangers or cheating but it does contain a very happy ever after and plenty of sizzling hot steam set in a scorching island location!