His Curvy Dancer

It’s supposed to be our little secret.
But her big belly is revealing the truth to the world, and to us.

Kaitlynn is my employee and she’s only half my age.
I know I should leave my hands off her.
But I want them all over her gorgeous, curvy body.
Especially when I watch it move like the skilled dancer she is.
I decide to make her show off for me on a private stage.
And then we give a big encore, co-starring me.
I explode in her like the fireworks her performance inspired.
Both of us swear this is just a quick, temporary fling.
Then it’ll be over and no one will ever know.
But we both keep tap dancing around the truth.
That we’re in love with each other, despite our best intentions.
The next time I see her, she’s flush with something more than excitement.
I think she’s carrying my baby.
And suddenly I’m seeing visions of our little girl in a tutu,
or our little boy in a flamenco costume.

She thinks that what we shared was just filthy, forbidden fun.
But I’ll show her I’m serious about twirling her- and our baby- in my arms forever.

His Curvy Dancer  is a scorching hot older man/ younger woman, boss/ employee forbidden romance featuring a handsome billionaire and the feisty, curvy dancer he falls for.
Published on May 17 2020, for only $3.99, it is a standalone romance with no cheating, no cliffhanger, a lot of heat and a happily ever after.
It is part of the His Curvy Love series, which are standalone billionaire/curvy girl romances that can be read and understood in any order. Enjoy!