In Deep Trouble

He’s supposed to be off limits but he’s on top of me.

I’ve had a run of bad luck lately.
First I found out my ex was cheating on me.
Then I learned he did this to a friend of mine in the past.
And everyone knew about it except for me.
Including my friend’s brother, whom I just met.
He swoops in and offers to heal my broken heart.
By taking care of my mind and body.
I think he’s such a womanizer that I can’t stand him.
Sure, he’s hot and rich and charming.
But he’s also cocky as f*ck.
He’s clearly trying to take advantage of me at my weakest.
It’s easy to see right through him and resist his advances.
Until I end up in his bed.
And his very skillful tongue ends up between my legs.
I tell myself this is just a temporary fling.
My friend would be upset if she found out.
And since she’s kept secrets from me, turnabout is fair play.
As long she doesn’t find out,
and as long as I don’t give him my heart,
everything will be okay.
But this real-life Romeo says he wants to claim me forever.
No matter the risks or costs.

He says he’ll turn my nightmares into the stuff dreams are made of.
But can I trust that this player truly wants to settle down with me?

In Deep Trouble is a standalone steamy brother’s best friend, enemies to lovers bad boy romance novel. It is part of the In Deep series that follows friends and has a shared setting, so they’re perfect for binge-reading. If you’d like to read the first three book in the series, you can find them in In Deep, In Too Deep and It For Real. However, it isn’t necessary to read those stories to understand this one.

In Deep Trouble has no cheating, no cliffhangers and a very happy ending! Published on April 14, 2020, this new release is hot off the Sizzling Hot Reads presses and you can get it for only $3.99 for a limited time.