Inked in Infinity

I inked her once.
And now we’re linked for all time.

A girl walks into my tattoo parlor.
And asks me to ink her breast.
She’s new in town. And just my type.
But she’s my buddy’s wife’s best friend.
And he tells me to leave her alone.
Because wherever I go,
and no matter who I hook up with,
I only leave a trail of broken hearts.
But I can’t resist Sera’s tempting curves.
Or her innocent eyelashes batting at me.
I swear I’ll make her mine, and I do.
Then we feel the hottest chemistry ever.
But it’s just for one night.
Or so we both say.
Until something else says differently.
It’s a little pink plus sign on a pregnancy test.
But it means big changes for my life.

Because I’m madly in love with Sera.
And I’ll take care of what’s inked in my heart.

Inked for Infinity is a box set collection of the third three full-length novels in the Dark Ink series: Inked in Joy, Inked in Love, & Inked in Protection.

These stories have no cliffhangers and no cheating, but they do contain very happily ever afters and plenty of sizzling hot steam!