Island Secret Baby

He wants to tie me down. In more ways than one.My billionaire boss Crispin is sexy, cocky and domineering.
I like to follow his every command.
But we have to keep our relationship on the downlow.
While the company tries to keep a big client.
It’s a really bad time to find out I’m pregnant.
How can I possibly tell Crispin?
I think I might have to, though.
Because he’s into rough sex.
And he wants to tie me up and punish me for being late to work.
I’m starting to wonder if he’s wanted to knock me up along.
Then I’ll stay his forever.
And he can always have his way with me.
Will this little news be our downfall?
Or will it take our love to brand new heights?
Island Secret Baby is a Stranded on an Island with My Billionaire Boss novella in the Drenched series, which is a spin off of the Wet series. You don’t have to have read any of the other books to understand this one but if you want to read Island Virgin, Drenched with Him on Labor Day and Drenched with my Fake Fiance, it will catch you up on Crispin and Rachel. The other books in the series follow co-owner Reo and his girlfriend Nicole, and Crispin makes appearances: Wet with Him, Wet Wedding, Wet Honeymoon, and Island Baby!