Love In The Sand

I’m so wet… and not just from the ocean.

I’ve always been a good girl, with a successful career.
But my boyfriend cheats on me and leaves me anyway.
So when my job sends me to California for a business trip,
I decide it’s a good time to have some fun for once.
Adin is a sexy surfer I meet on Venice Beach.
He wastes no time in taking off both our bathing suits.
But then we’re joined by his boyfriend, Mark.
A man just as muscular and handsome as Adin.
Both men want to share and pleasure me.
And they also want to enjoy each other for me.
How could I resist such excitement?
I tell myself it’s just temporary and no one will know.
But it turns out Adin’s a billionaire tech guru,
who funds a commune of male surfers who want to join in.
Soon multiple c*cks are pounding me as hard as the waves.
And I want to ride them for as long as I can.

But can I change life as I know it for them?
And is this a fast fling or lasting love?

Love in the Sand is a box set of the first three books in the In the Sand series. This is a serial of connected bisexual reverse harem novellas that tell the story of Jill Toasten and her adventures with many sexy surfer men (swords do cross in these!) The books in this collection are Three in the Sand, Four in the Sand and Five in the Sand.