Lucky Cupid

I’m a matchmaker in need of a match!

I love running my own matchmaking company, which is gaining in popularity.

Everyone deserves a happy ending, even if I haven’t been lucky enough to find mine yet.

But when a male client tries to cross a line, I blurt out that I’m engaged.

Word gets around, and suddenly I’m scrambling to find a fiancé to play the part.

Because who wants a matchmaker whose own match isn’t real?

As luck would have it, Nathan Lyon then enters the picture.

His reputation as a billionaire playboy precedes him.

But a new venture requires him to have a more wholesome image.

So his business adviser sends him to me.

It’s just for show and doesn’t mean anything.

We just want to fuck each other silly until his deal goes through.

It works great for me, since he’s handsome, experienced and well hung,

and I’m too busy growing my business to have time for an actual relationship.

But soon he’s all I can think about.

And I’m wondering if Cupid’s arrow has stung me this Valentine’s Day.


Is it still just a business arrangement to him, or did he get bit by the love bug, too?


Lucky Cupid  is a standalone romance novella with no cheating and no cliffhangers, but with a very happy Valentine’s Day and ever after, and a whole bunch of steam.