Lucky Romance

Both of us just got lucky.

He has lots of money and needs a fake fiancé.
I‘m in a financial bind and think he’s super hot.
It seems like a match made in Heaven.
As long as I remember it’s not real down here on Earth!
Sure, he fulfils every fantasy when he takes my virginity.
And he always knows how to make me feel amazing in bed.
The two of us have so much fun at fancy events.
Everyone says the chemistry between us is off the charts hot.
But this is just a pretend, temporary arrangement.
It’s not a happily ever after that can actually belong to us.

So why am I falling in love with my fake fiancée for real?
And how do I know if he feels the same way about me?

Lucky Romance is a box set of three billionaire fake fiancé romances in the Lucky in Love series. They include Lucky Charm, Lucky Bunny and Lucky Prince. They have no cheating, no cliffhangers, plenty of steam and a very happily ever after!