It’s all fun and games…
until someone falls in love.

I have a crush on my handsome new boss.
And when he assigns himself as my mentor,
I have a feeling that Darian feels the same.
I can’t wait to go on a work retreat with him.
But then my co-worker Victoria warns me.
He’s known as a player here at Reed & Co.
I tell her I won’t let things get too serious.
I want this older, experienced man for 1 thing.
Just to take my virginity.
It’s not like I want him to marry me.
And our relationship is forbidden at the office.
We’ll just frolic in secret on the beach,
and eat a fancy dinner at the resort.
It’s only supposed to be a fun temporary trip.

He was just supposed to take me for my very first time.
But is he serious about giving me his heart forever?

Published on June 27, 2021, Playful is an older man/ younger woman forbidden office romance featuring a billionaire and his virgin, curvy subordinate. It has no cliffhanger and no cheating, but it does have a happily ever after and a lot of steam.

It is loosely connected to the Full series, all of which feature employees of Reed & Co. advertising firm, but it’s a standalone that can be read and understood completely on its own. (We recommend you read Truthful if you like this book, because it features the main characters’ best friends, Victoria and Michael.)