Punished…By My Three Bosses

I’m on their naughty list.
And they want to give me their big, lumpy rocks of coal.

Ever since I hooked up with all three of my bosses at once,
at the company Christmas party no less,
they’ve been popping up again and again,
wanting me to satisfy their raging desires.
And I’ve been having a very festive time doing so!
But then the CEO wants me all to himself.
And when the other two find out, they aren’t happy with us.
They say they need to punish me so I learn my lesson.
And they want him to help them do it so he does, too.
He doesn’t want to make me hurt or cry.
But he doesn’t know how much pleasure I get from the pain.

Having my three older, rich, powerful, hot bosses fight over me is so hot…
I think I might have to keep misbehaving like their bratty little elf.

Punished… by my Three Bosses is a holiday MFMM reverse harem erotic romance by Cammie Collins that’s heavy on steam. It has no cheating and no major cliffhanger although it’s part of a larger series with a happy-for-now ending that will result in a happily-ever-after by the end of the series.

It’s the third book in the series, with Unwrapped… by my Three Bosses being the first and Shared… by my Three Bosses being the second. It’s not necessary to read the first two to enjoy this one, but it’s best to read them altogether consecutively and it will really double… triple… no, quadruple your reading pleasure!

It has no male/male action and no swords cross… just three hot rich older men pleasuring one lucky curvy virgin!

Content warning – This book is TOO HOT for Amazon or other platforms and contains dubcon and rough/degrading sex scenes that some readers might find objectionable.

Published on December 23, 2022, it’s currently exclusive to Sizzling Hot Reads and jam-packed with four-way holiday heat!