Quarter Notes

My first year of college has started out on a sour note.
Will being with four guys at the same time change my tune?

I’m having the worst freshman year at Highwater College.

My roommate is a cheerleader, whose very presence makes me feel like a dork.

I was a lowly member of the marching band, but now I’ve had even that distinction taken away from me.

Due to spacing decisions, I’ve been forced out and assigned the duty of taking care of the mascot for the Highwater College football team… which happens to be a wild hog.

I’m already resigned to hate college, when the damn hog runs away from me.

As I desperately seek the mascot, all four guys in the drumline offer to help me out.

I start to think they’re wanting to help me out in more than just that, which makes finding the pig prove not tedious like it was at first, but titillating.

It appears the four handsome men want to share me, giving a whole new meaning to the concept of “teamwork.”

Since I’ve caught the eye of the entire drumline, maybe I’m not a bumbling buffoon, but actually a budding beauty.

Can my four guys help me find the mascot before I’m kicked out of marching band?

Will they give me the confidence to find myself?

And how will I ever decide which one of them I want to end up with… if I even have to?

Quarter Notes is a standalone book in the connected menage/reverse harem series Highwater College. It isn’t necessary to have read the other two books in the series in order to understand Quarter Notes, although they’re best enjoyed all together. This standalone full-length reverse harem romance has no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a very happy ever after! It’s all about the guys pleasing the girl…no swords cross… and there’s plenty of steam to go around.