Safe in His Arms

Being with him is a dangerous risk.
So why does he make me feel so safe?

Spencer has the reputation of being a bad boy player.
So, it’s thrilling to let him take down my panties,
and take me for my very first time.
But I tell myself it has to be the only time.
Otherwise, my strict dad might find out.
And my heart might get too involved.
Luckily, with Spencer going to cadet school,
there’s no way we can ever have that hot sex again.
Except apparently, one time was all it took.
Because now I’m carrying Spencer’s child,
and he’s off becoming a police officer.
What will my dad say when he finds out I’m pregnant?
And even more importantly, how will Spencer will react?

Will he want to stay far away from me and our baby?
Or will he want to come back to claim and protect us for life?

Safe in his Arms is a collection of secret baby/accidental pregnancy romances by Jules Marie and Jamie Knight that celebrate hot bad boy dads in uniform.

The three books included in this box set are: Baby Blue by Jules Marie, My Fireman’s Secret Baby by Jamie Knight and Daddy’s Home by Jules Marie. Daddy’s Home has been expanded to include new content not previously published.

Each book is a full-length standalone novel with no cheating, no cliffhangers, plenty of steam and a happily ever after.