Seven In The Sand

They’re pounding me as roughly as the waves are.

I’ve been seeing multiple surfers all at the same time.
And by “seeing,” I mean f*cking.
They’ve been sharing me, and each other.
I love how all their c*cks feel inside me at once.
Ever since I met Adin, I’ve been experiencing such pleasure.
And he’s introduced me to more and more of his boyfriends.
Adin is the billionaire tech guru in charge of it all.
He funds a surfing commune.
Where all the guys share me while being together themselves.
He says I can join them for good, if I go through initiation.
I’ll be tied up on the beach and they’ll have their way with me.
And each other.
Six men will cram and stuff me full.
While I prove my undying affection for them.

Is my body ready for everything they want to do to it?
And is my heart ready to stay with them forever?

Seven in the Sand is a bisexual reverse harem romance with male/male action- swords do cross in this one, as six men pleasure each other AND one lucky, curvy lady. It’s a steamy novelette that is part of the In the Sand series. It has a happy for now ending with a lot of heat and no cheating.

You don’t have to have read the prior books in the series to understand this one, but if you want to catch up, check out Three in the Sand, Four in the Sand, Five in the Sand and Six in the Sand.

NOTE: This book features very explicit erotic content, including rough public sex with multiple partners (including men together, and the men sharing one woman altogether), who are all in love.

Published on August 9, 2020, this book is only $2.99 and packed with hot summer steam!