Single Mom & The SEAL

We both thought our chance for happiness had passed… but love had other plans.

I was injured at war, and my days as a SEAL are over.

I thought my chance of love was, too, until I met Susan.

She checks off all my boxes: gorgeous, curvy, feisty, and fun.

I can’t wait to get into HER box.

Then I find out she has two children.

Their father died while he was serving our country.

She thought she’d never love again.

I’m here to prove her wrong.

First I’m going to get into her panties.

She’ll never believe the way I ravage her.

And then I’m going to win her heart.

She won’t be able to resist breakfast in bed the morning after.

And hopefully every morning after that, if I get my way.

But will our love be strong enough to help us build a future despite our pasts?

Single Mom and the SEAL is a full length romance novel with no cheating, no cliffhangers, a very happy ever after and plenty of steam! It’s part of the Bradford Brothers series, which are standalone but connected books about SEAL brothers and their friends.