Six in the Sand

A Billionaire Bisexual Reverse Harem Romance



All five male lovers want to give me a lesson in surfing.
And in a lot other things.

I’m in California for work when I see a hot surfer on the beach.
At first it’s crazy when Adin and his lover Mark want to share me.
They’ll both pleasure each other, and me, the lone female, at once.
But it turns out to be so freeing I want to do it again!
It also turns out Adin’s the billionaire founder of a surfing commune.
He invites me to spend the night at his mansion on a cliff over the sea.
And to join him and his lovers in a “surfing” lesson I’ll never forget.
They’ve added a third guy into our bisexual mix, and then a fourth!
Now, a fifth guy wants me on my knees in the water for him.
When I dare to make a request of my own, they put me in my place.
The surfing lesson becomes an education in their commune’s ways.
They punish and discipline me to show me the their rules.
Which are that they get to do whatever they want to me.
Spank me, gag me, tie me up, pass me back and forth.
I don’t get a say in anything. Unless I want to join them for good.
Then and only then will my wish will be their command.
But I’d have to give up life as I know it for them.
I never thought I’d do such a thing. I have to get back to work!
It’s clear they’re all falling for me, though… and the feeling is mutual.

Is it even possible for five men to all love each other- and one woman?
Are my adventures with the surfers a distracting fling from my stress?
Or have I found love with multiple men that will last a lifetime?

Six in the Sand is a bisexual reverse harem romance with male/male action- swords do cross in this one, as multiple men pleasure each other AND one lucky, curvy lady. It’s a steamy novelette that is part of the In the Sand series. It has a happy for now ending with a lot of heat and no cheating. You don’t have to have read the prior books in the series to understand this one, but if you want to catch up, check out Three in the Sand, Four in the Sand and Five in the Sand.