Snowed in with Santa



Logan and I are stranded in a snowstorm.
But this sexy Santa knows how to warm me up.

I’m participating in a charity drive this Christmas.
The organization assigns me a super hot partner.
He wears a flannel shirt, cowboy boots, and a Santa hat.
And he’s driving the truck that’s pulling our sleigh.
We’ll deliver gifts to children in need who live on the mountain.
Along the way, I find out he’s a single parent, like me.
But I tell myself to keep my hands off him.
I don’t need any more drama.
I’ve made enough bad decisions to last a lifetime.
But then we get stuck in treacherous snow.
A pastor, assuming we’re married, lets us literally shack up together.
In his small backyard shed.
With only a small fire to huddle around and get warm.
My clothes are wet, along with my p*ssy.
He says I have no choice but to let him take them off me.
And to let him do whatever is necessary to warm me up.

It’s only one night of yuletide fire heat, right?
Or will he keep stuffing my stocking all year long?

Snowed in with Santa is a single mom and billionaire single dad romance with no cheating and a happily ever after/happily for now ending. It is a complete standalone novella with no major cliffhanger and you can read it on its own. It starts the story of Jeannie and Logan, which will be continued as a serial of standalone installments.

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