Sold At The Auction In Aspen Box Set

I’m begging him not to stop, and hoping winter vacation never has to.

My best friend invites me on a ski trip to a fancy resort in Aspen.
We find out there’s an exclusive club where billionaires can buy anything they want.
Including a woman’s innocence.
It turns out that one will pay a lot for mine.
We hit it off right away- a match that only money could arrange.
He says he likes my curves, my eyes and my smile.
I like his tattoos, his muscles and his dirty mouth.
I never thought I’d give my virginity to a stranger.
But now, I’m calling out his name while he’s got me tied up and helpless.
I’m begging him not to stop, and hoping winter vacation never has to.

What if we both like this arrangement a little more than we bargained for?

Sold at the Auction in Aspen features a complete collection of standalone but connected romances featuring dominant alpha males and curvy heroines. Linked characters reappear as the collection continues, so you can continue to catch up with your favorite couples.

The titles included in this set are: 1) Sold on Christmas Eve; 2) Sold at the Ski Resort; 3) Sold as a Domme on Valentine’s Day; and 4) a bonus novella exclusive to this box set, Sold in Aspen, which ties all the characters and their stories together and shows you where each couple ends up in the future. These romances have no cheating and no cliffhangers. They do have very happy ever afters and plenty of steam certain to heat up the rest of your winter and your reading device!