Three Handsome Shifters

I’m supposed to be saving Bethel Forest.
But it’ll take three hot shifters to help me do it.

I was called to Bethel Forest, where I’d never been.
And told to follow the North Star.
All because of dark secrets from my past.
Some of which I don’t even know about.
I’m looking for answers, but no one wants to talk.
Melchior is the leader of the Eira Pack.
He’s a mysterious but handsome alpha wolf shifter.
Simeon and Gideon are brothers in the rival Lumi Pack.
They’re equally attractive and strong.
But they are constantly feuding.
And now all three shifters are fighting over me.
Yet they need to get their act together, quickly!
Because the forest is being threatened.
And I have to save it by Christmas day.
But to do that, we have to join forces.
We’ll overthrow Gaspar, the temporary leader of the Lumis.
Which takes magic only unlocked when we’re joined together.
So, my three suitors are going to have to learn to share.

Can these sworn enemies put their differences aside,
so that four can become one this holiday season?

Three Handsome Shifters
 is the third book in the Bethel Forest Shifters reverse harem fantasy paranormal romance series. It features three hot rival alpha wolf shifters and a curvy, feisty female human (or is she?).

It has a high heat level of steam mixed with a paranormal fantasy/suspenseful plot line. The first two books in this serial are An Alpha in a Pear Tree and Two Rival Woods and it is best to read them all together. Each book has a happy for now ending for all involved in the harem and the series finale has a happily ever after ending.

Released on December 2, 2022, just in time for the holidays due to its Christmas theme, this hot reverse harem shifter PNR book is only $2.99 from Sizzling Hot Reads!